Metrics Reporting Tool Application
Team members needed a better way to report daily metrics.  Therefore, the UX team was tasked with how to automate this manual process.
The Problem
 Project Managers were resorting to manually recording large amounts of data into hard to read spreadsheets. This resulted in confusing and inaccurate data, due to the large margin for error. The project managers also had to take a lot of time out of their already busy schedules to perform this inefficient task.​​​​​​​
My Role
Our two-person UX team met with stakeholders to talk about the issues and goals. Afterwards, I  developed user personas, created customer journey maps, and implemented rapid prototyping (quick iterations of a  minimum viable product) to devise a solution. My team member conducted research and developed the process on how to integrate our systems with API technology. 
UX Deliverables
• Process Roadmap
• Rapid Prototyping
• User Interface Design
•  API Technology Integration

• Journey Mapping
• User Personas
Persona Development
It was imperative to understand what the people who were involved needed. Through speaking with the users who took part in the process,  we were able to development a couple of personas to consider while drafting solutions to ensure that they were  appropriate and did not impede users' efforts.
We had two primary user types:
1. The Project Managers who had to retrieve and enter data
2. Senior Management who  had to interpret the data.
Project Manager Persona
Project Manager Persona
Senior Manager Persona
Senior Manager Persona
Journey Mapping 
 Next we mapped out the process of a Project Manager providing metrics in a journey map.

Interactive Prototype 

Interactive Mobile Prototype 
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