With this Illustration, I started off with a sketch done digitally in the Artrage Studio program.  The intent was not to illustrate a direct duplicate of the original image, but to give the resulting illustration more of a caricature like feel.  I later began to build up the illustration underneath my preliminary sketch.  As I got to a point where I felt comfortable that I had a nice base of color to build on, I removed the preliminary sketch altogether and began further build up the tones, highlights, and shadows.
With the James Baldwin Illustration, I began with a sketch on paper.  This sketch was scanned in and placed in the Photoshop program, where I began to build up the colors and tones, referencing a black and white image, which I based my original sketch upon. Once again, the illustration is meant to have a caricature-like feel.
This was an experimental process undertaken to enhance my skills in dgital illustration as well as for fun.  After I was done, i was left with two very cool illustrations. Instead of letting them stand alone, I decided to turn them into something else that was both functional and promotional.  In this case, I decided to do bookmarks. It was fitting since both subjects were famous African-American writers.  I added a quote that I liked by each writer and some of my info.  I think they came out great!
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