Growth Management Tool Application
The USPS Growth Management tool is an application used to manage address records for the primary purpose of establishing delivery services to newly developed areas and also keeping records up-to-date for areas already established.
The Problem:
The Growth Management Tool was in need of an update, due to the technology originally used to build the application no longer being supported. This created an opportunity to not only build the application with more up-to-date coding frameworks, but also to improve the application design and user experience.​​​​​​​
UX Deliverables
• System Usability Scale (SUS) Evaluation
• User Surveys
• Application Prototype
• User Testing
• User and Stakeholder Interviews 
• Focus Groups
It was pertinent to start with speaking with stakeholders about the main functionalities of the app, in order to establish parameters for an MVP.  We established user flows for the main tasks of adding new addresses to to application. We documented this by way of notes and screenshots of GMT previous to the redesign.​​​​​​​
We conducted focus groups with different sets of users as well well as surveyed many more. We found some commonalities in the feedback about the main way GMT was used by them and how they felt the application could be improved.
The old version required users to manually search long lists in order to enter the correct info.  This made the time it took for users to enter addresses not as efficient as it could be.  In the new version, we made simple but effective visual changes that decreased the amount of information on the screen, which made it easier to find the correct selection. Also, when selected, only the selected option is visible, making the interface a lot cleaner.​​​​​​​
Flow chart of new Application MVP
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